COVID Vaccine Priorities

Last Thursday, Dec 31st, I listened to the Santa Clara County press conference on distribution of COVID vaccines in Santa Clara County. You can find it here:

Hospital ICU Capacity was at Critical 8% Level Going into New Year’s Holiday

Vaccinations started on Dec 17th. There are 140K heathcare workers in Santa Clara County including dentists and so far, 95K of them have been vaccinated with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

They described the phases of people who will receive the vaccines:

Phase 1A: healthcare and medical first responders and residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. And home health care and community health workers

Phase1B: Over 75 years old and teachers, law enforcement and grocery store workes

Phase 1C: people between 64 and 74 years old with chronic health conditions

Phase 2: everyone else 16-64 years old